About Me and This Blog!

Drive-In Adventures is dedicated to drive-in movie theaters -open/operating ones, and closed theaters that have left remains behind. I am intrigued by drive-in theaters and they have a special place in my heart. My friends and family laugh about my enthusiasm and stories. Any trips we take, short or long, I always do a check for drive-ins.

I’m located in South Jersey, so my travels to theaters are usually within driving distance. There is only one operating drive-in in NJ, but plenty have left their mark.

Any questions/comments/ideas ….please leave a comment!


  1. Drive-ins are wonderful – the open field, the concession, the coziness of your own auto, the tinny speaker, the people in the seats and in the cars around you – all of it. —–Chagall

    1. It really is a wonderful thing! 🙂 I haven’t yet experienced the speakers (ours uses the radio) but that is on my “to-do” for Drive Ins. Thanks for the comment!

    1. Thanks Sharon! I never thought I’d blog but this is the best way to share my adventures 🙂 And the gravatar pic was my very first visit to a Drive-in … we thought it would be funny to “hold” the screen.

  2. Thanks for enjoying my drive-in memory. I have a few future drive-in stories to share as well.
    I’m looking forward to your reviews. You should visit Lake George, NY during the summer and sample our drive-in. We used to have four or five in the immediate area.

    1. Hi Brenda! For thr past few days I have been paying attention to the direction of the horse to try and gather information. Unfortunately the horse has fallen down!

  3. Hi, I did an article on the first DI in my own blog and updating it with a link to your Hollingshead post. Please let me know if this is not OK.
    Thanks, duhduhdrivein.com

    1. Hi Bill!

      Thanks for sharing your memory! Pennsauken DI is one of my favorites to have visited, even though I did not get to see it alive and operating! I love passing by when driving on 73!

      1. I remember vividly hiding under the back seat blankets in fear of seeing a vampire on the big screen. My parents had to leave because I was so traumatized.

        On other occasions I recall playing with my brother and other kiddies in the playground located under the screen.Then at dusk when the projector began playing, all the parents left their cars and yelled for us to get to the cars. Not sure if the playground was at the Pennsauken or another drive-in.

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