Month: August 2013

Family Drive-In: Stephens City, VA

How I came across the Family Drive-in

My best friend MK moved to Winchester, VA a couple years ago to work at the University. My initial reaction was excitement for the job opportunity and sadness because she’d be so far away. On the bright side, I saw this as a chance to see a new place.

Before my 3rd visit, I discovered there was a local drive-in while surfing the web and my regular drive-in websites. How had I not known? I made it my goal to scope out the drive-in as soon as possible.

My Visit(s)

October 20, 2012:

MK wasn’t too keen on going to the drive-in, so we just stopped by during the day to see the site. I fell in love … it was my first time seeing the classic car speakers and a playground in front of a screen. I promised myself (and told MK) that the next time I visited we were going for sure!

July 19, 2013:

We arrived at 6:45 pm for a 9:00 pm showing. You never know how crowded it is going to be or what time to arrive with drive-ins! I wanted to have a good spot and since it was MK and her friend Rick’s first time at a drive-in. There were probably about 20 cars already, mostly at the first screen. Our movies were, “Grown-Ups 2” and “The Heat.”

When you arrive to the Family Drive-In the first thing you should notice is the back of Screen 1, which serves as a marquee and announcement of the theater’s name. It slopes out and down from the top of the screen, white background and red letters (they light up later!). Below the name there is a letter board for both screens naming the movies showing. Drive In 001

Drive In 003

Drive In 007

Drive In 004

Drive In 011

Drive In 012

Drive In 017

Drive In 014

Drive In 022     Drive In 024


Drive In 026

I liked the classic aisle lights and Screen # light. A giant median as well as the concession stand/projection booth separates the two screens’ spaces. After we parked and set-up I walked around the snap some photos. The speakers were by far the most interesting and neat aspect of the Family Drive-In. I frequent Delsea DI often and we visited Shankweiler’s; however, neither drive-in has speakers remaining. After reading a couple books on drive-ins and an overabundance of articles I was ecstatic to see the speakers in person! They are about 4 feet tall and only one company makes and supplies parts for them!

Drive In 056 Drive In 019

Drive In 016

Drive In 015

Screen #1 has playground equipment in front – swings, a slide, etc. This is another common feature of drive-ins during their hey-day, but my first time seeing them in use. Once the movie starts, the playground closes. Screen #2 had a couple benches out front.

Drive In 033 Drive In 032 Drive In 035   Drive In 034

Drive In 020

Drive In 021

The concession stand had a range of food choices at reasonable prices. They have an inside and outside set-up, with certain items available outside only (including funnel cakes and sno-cones). I purchased a t-shirt as memorabilia – there were two design choices and a TON of colors. I ended up choosing a light gray because I liked the bright/neon green on the design.

Drive In 027

Drive In 028

Drive In 029

Drive In 037

Drive In 038

Drive In 039

Drive In 040

Drive In 041

Drive In 052

Drive In 053

Drive In 054

Drive In 055

Overall, we had a great time! Everyone I spoke to was very nice and helpful. The food was good, movies were funny, and the night was cool (which was a blessing considering the night before was 100 degrees).

Some History:

The theatre has been open for 57 years! It opened on June 14, 1956, owned and operated by the Dalke Family of Woodstock, VA. In March 2009, Tim Dalke leased the theatre to Jim Kopp (the lease runs for another 7 years). The theatre holds about 400-500 cars (conflicting data between articles).

The Family Drive-In started as a single screen theater. In 1989 they added the second screen. They open around Mid-March through to November. Each night there 4 movies playing – 2 movies per screen.

Recently, the Family DI announced they will be converting to Digital by the end of August! This is great news for locals and drive-in enthusiasts and supporters. Many theaters are threatened by this conversion to digital and the Family DI was able to make the change!

There have been several articles and interviews recently about the Family Drive-In, generating attention and business for drive-ins all over (The Washington Post, Washington Post 2, BBC’s Radio 5, Roll Call, and VOA).

Go Visit! They were great people and a great drive-in. Visit their Facebook page or website and if you get a chance, visit the actual drive-in!

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 10.15.13 PM

Family Drive-In

5890 Valley Pike

Stephens City, VA

Other Photos:

Drive In 018

Divider between the 2 Screens

Drive In 006

Waiting in line!

Drive In 030

The speaker is ready to go!

Drive In 036

Row Markers –

Drive In 002 Drive In 005

Drive In 008

Drive In 009

Drive In 010 Drive In 013 Drive In 014 Drive In 015 Drive In 023 Drive In 025 Drive In 026 Drive In 031   Drive In 049

Drive In 050

Drive In 051

Drive In 042

Drive In 044

Photos from the 1st visit, just looking at the property: