The Super 130 Drive-In (Edgewater Park, NJ)

The Super 130 Drive-in is located in Edgewater Park, NJ. If you search for information about this particular drive-in you may also find it listed as Beverly, NJ, a nearby town.

This drive-in proved to be difficult to gain general information. From what I was able to uncover, the drive in closed sometime after 1985; however, I was unable to locate a date for when it opened! The Super 130 was owned by Budco Theaters, a company based out of Pennsylvania, which owned and operated several theaters (outdoor and indoor). Budco no longer exists, being bought out by AMC in 1987 (
My Visit

On January 12, 2013 I took a trip to several former drive-in sites, including the Super 130 Drive-In. It was easy to determine the location on the map. When we arrived at the site, we entered from the back, right side. There is still paving from the parking but a lot of debris. We pulled over and walked through the site.

The Entrance

The Entrance

It was neat to see the paving, arcing to allow for maximum viewing. There was lots of trash and dumping is apparently popular at this location, and it was overgrown as well.



Some artifacts of the past are still present, hinting at the fun times of the past. Speaker poles sprout from the ground at random locations throughout, with orange paint peeling off due to the various weather conditions over the years. Some of the speaker poles were next to what appeared to be a skeleton of an outlet box. Perhaps the Super 130 Drive-In had power outlets for speakers or heaters?



I marvel at something’s ability to withstand the elements over time. A large cement rectangle marks either the former concession stand or projection booth. Tiles still remain of a once active restroom (perhaps) or kitchen area.






My favorite find was the playground pieces. It was a bit haunting, to see the remnants of a once happy place. What is left is located in the back center of the drive-in. It is in direct view of the apartment buildings.


Monkey Bars


Please note, there is a “Do Not Enter” sign, allowing municipal vehicles only. If you do plan on visiting the drive-in site – please do not leave your mark.


Also, forums and news articles suggest that the site will soon become housing.

Another one bites the dust…

Picture 5

Aerial View

Approximate Address:

4319 U.S. 130

Edgewater Park, NJ 08010


  1. I grew up going to this drive in. My babysitter had a job in the kitchen and concession area and I played on the monkey bars, etc, nearby and sat in her van all night watching movies repeatedly, eating burgers. They cooked everything and then put it under hot lights.
    You’re right, there were power outlets and the kitchen was pretty big, with a big serving area (tiled) and two tiled bathrooms. The projection booth was front and center of this place and one would walk right under the beam of light to enter and exit.
    It was very popular right til it closed.

    1. Thanks for sharing! That sounds like a great place to be when you are with a babysitter! I was 24 before I went to my first drive-in theater.

      It definitely stayed open longer than others in NJ – so it must have been very popular!

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